A Turnkey Outpatient Psychiatric Program for Hospitals

ur primary objective is the reduction of the patient’s psychiatric symptoms to renew their quality of life.  The continuum of care provided by the PremierCare staff extends to the patient's family, caregivers, healthcare service providers, and fiscal intermediaries.  Every aspect of that care is measured through patient, family, and referral source satisfaction surveys.  Over the years, we've proven that PremierCare can help to: 
Prevent the necessity of inpatient psychiatric hospitalization for outpatients
Minimize the length of hospitalization periods for psychiatric inpatients
Reduce relapse rates
Provide patients with individualized treatment that results in the best outcomes
Assist patients to achieve and maintain their highest level of functioning
Provide a therapeutic environment that allows patients to assume active roles in their treatment
Encourage close involvement of family members or other primary support facilitators and caregivers
Promote the development of permanent therapeutic and care giving relationships with other providers of community resources and services
Provide outreach and consultation services to community agencies on aging and mental health issues
Reduce psychiatric recidivism rates in emergency room


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